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No matter their age, every person in Maryland has the legal right to get an abortion. But the state restricts abortions in some ways.

All abortions must be performed before {{viability}{Viability is a medical term that means when a fetus could potentially survive outside of the womb. generally between 24-28 weeks of pregnancy}}, unless the pregnant person’s life or health is in danger or the fetus has a severe medical problem.

Maryland also has a telemedicine program through Carafem, which lets you get an abortion without needing to travel to an abortion clinic if you meet their requirements. You can find more information on Carafem in Maryland here.

In Maryland, for young people under age 18, a doctor or other medical professional must tell their parent or {{legal guardian}{A legal guardian has a court order stating that they have the legal authority and duty to care for a minor. This is different from a foster parent}} that the young person is getting an abortion before the procedure. This is called parental notification or parental notice.

This only means that the doctor/medical professional has to try and and tell a parent or guardian about the abortion. It does not mean you need their permission to get an abortion. 

There are some exceptions to the parental notification rule. A doctor/medical professional does not have to tell your parent or {{guardian}{A legal guardian has a court order stating that they have the legal authority and duty to care for a minor. This is different from a foster parent}} that you plan to have an abortion if:

  • You are married.
  • You do not live with your parent or guardian, and the doctor could not reach your parent or guardian to tell them about your decision to get an abortion.
    • You may live away from your parent or guardian because you are {{emancipated}{An emancipated minor went through a legal process and has court order stating that they are freed from their parents and are legally an adult}}, or because you have chosen to move away and live on your own.
  • The doctor/medical professional believes that telling your parent or guardian would put you at risk of being physically or emotionally abused.
  • The doctor/medical professional believes you are mature enough to make your own decision about having an abortion.
  • The doctor/medical professional believes it would be better for you if they did not tell your parent or guardian.
  • You later decide not to have an abortion.

Unlike other states, Maryland does not have a {{judicial bypass}{A judicial bypass means asking a judge to allow you to get an abortion without telling your parent}} option for young people who do not want their parent to be told about their abortion.

Only your doctor/ or other medical professional can decide whether you can proceed with an abortion without having to tell a parent/guardian. So, it is important to explain your situation to your doctor/medical professional—including any reason why you cannot or do not want to involve a parent or guardian in your decision.

No, if a doctor/medical professional says you do not need to involve a parent if you do not want to then that means you can get an abortion if you want. It does not mean you are required to and you can always change your mind.

You may be able get help paying for your abortion from several abortion funds in Maryland. You can also talk to the abortion clinic you will be going to about how to pay for the abortion, click on an abortion fund below to go to their website.

Abortion Access Fund (available for patients at CARE Clinic – Bethesda)



Baltimore Abortion Fund (available for all Maryland residents and people traveling to Maryland for an abortion)

Leave a message at (443) 297-9893


DC Abortion Fund (available for all Maryland residents)

Leave a message at (202) 452-7464


June Coleman Fund (available for all Maryland residents, except if you live in Prince George’s County or Montgomery County)


Stigma Relief Fund (available for patients at Whole Woman’s Health – Baltimore)

(877) 835-1090

You can find a map of abortion clinics in Maryland here. Some clinics may have limited service or hours

You can also use these directories to find an abortion clinic near you:

Planned Parenthood: Directory Here (make sure you select abortion in the services drop down menu) 

National Abortion Federation: Directory Here 

Abortion Care Network: Directory Here 

I Need An Abortion: Directory Here


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