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No matter their age, every person in Maine has the legal right to get an abortion.

All abortions must be performed before {{viability}{Viability is a medical term that means when a fetus could potentially survive outside of the womb, generally 24-28 weeks}}, unless the pregnant person’s life or physical health is in danger. Abortion clinics in Maine can legally give abortions up to viability. But most clinics in the state only give abortions up to 14 weeks pregnant, and one up to 19 weeks. Check with your clinic to get more specific information about how many weeks pregnant you can be and still have an abortion.

In Maine, you do not need to tell or involve an adult in your decision to have an abortion if you do not want to.

But the state does require people under age 18 to get special counseling before getting an abortion. If you are under the age of 18, the abortion provider is required to tell you about alternatives to abortion, the risks of pregnancy and abortion, birth control options, and the possibility of involving your parents or trusted adults in your decision to have an abortion. But whether you tell your parents, or anyone at all, is entirely up to you. The clinic will not tell your parents about the abortion unless you want to have them involved.

You might be able to get help paying for your abortion. Ask your clinic if they can help you cover the cost of your abortion through an abortion fund.

Safe Maine



Laura Fund (Planned Parenthood of Northern New England fund serving Maine/VT/NH)


You can find a map of abortion clinics in Maine here.

Some clinics may have limited service or hours

You can also use these directories to find an abortion clinic near you:

Planned Parenthood: Directory Here (make sure you select abortion in the services drop down menu) 

National Abortion Federation: Directory Here 

Abortion Care Network: Directory Here 

I Need An Abortion: Directory Here

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