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Louisiana Judicial Bypass Project la_jbp@liftlouisiana.org (504) 535-5277

Call, text, or email the Louisiana Judicial Bypass Project for free, confidential assistance.

Louisiana’s abortion ban is in effect. Abortion providers are not allowed to provide abortions in Louisiana. Contact our helpline if you have any questions about the law and your rights.

Louisiana’s abortion ban is now in effect. The ban means that doctors in the state are only allowed to perform an abortion if the life or health of the pregnant person is at serious risk.

If you need an abortion, you may need to travel to a state where abortion is not currently banned. Return to the home page to check the law in other states near you. You can also call our helpline to learn more about accessing abortion, the law, and your rights.

To find a clinic near you, you can visit ineedana.org for up to date information.

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