Judicial Bypass Wiki

National Support

Jane’s Due Process is offering information and 1-on-1 support for any young person going through the judicial bypass or judicial waiver for abortion process. To contact Jane’s Due Process text their hotline (866-999-5263).

Abortion Resources in your State

Arizona: For support accessing abortion resources and navigating the judicial bypass process contact the Abortion Fund of Arizona at [email protected] or call their helpline any time at 602-327-5166 (volunteers return calls every 24-48 hours).

Illinois: To talk to a lawyer in Illinois about abortion resources and judicial bypass contact the Illinois Judicial Bypass Coordination Project by calling  877.44.BYPASS (877.442.9727), texting 312.560.6607, or emailing [email protected].

Indiana: For support navigating judicial bypass and to be connected to a lawyer, visit the website for the Indiana Judicial Bypass Project or call 317.476.6917.

Louisiana: Call, text, or email the Louisiana Judicial Bypass Project for free, confidential assistance about abortion resources. Call or text (504) 535-5277 or email at [email protected].

Massachusetts: Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts has information about the JB process in Massachusetts and patient navigators who can help connect you to an attorney even if you are going to Planned Parenthood for your abortion.

Missouri: Call or text Right By You at 855.458.0886 for information about abortion resources, birth, parenting, adoption, and judicial bypass.

North Carolina: Text Abby at 844-997-2229 for confidential and free abortion resources and info about judicial waiver for abortion. You can also visit the Carolina Abortion Fund website for more information.

Pennsylvania: Contact the Women’s Law Project at 412.281.2892 if you need an attorney to assist you with the judicial bypass process.

Texas: Contact Jane’s Due Process at 866.999.5263 for abortion resources and legal support around getting a judicial bypass.

Utah: The Utah Judicial Bypass Project can help you access safe, comprehensive, and supportive abortion services. Contact their free confidential abortion counseling helpline by calling or texting ​(385)-202-3811 or email them at [email protected].

General Resources

Jane’s Due Process: Talking to Your Parent(s) About Pregnancy and Abortion / Hablando Con Su(s) Padre(s) Sobre un Embarazo y un Aborto. For Minors: Things to Think About Before Going to Court

Abortion Funding: If you need help paying an abortion, your clinic may be able to help by connecting you to an abortion fund. You can also find more information about financial resources for abortion by contacting the organizations below:

All-Options Counseling: If you want to talk to trained advocates that provide unconditional, judgment-free support for people in all of their decisions, feelings, and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption: Visit https://www.all-options.org/

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