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It is essential that young people continue to have access to confidential abortion care during the Covid-19 pandemic, which includes access to the judicial bypass process in every state where forced parental involvement laws are in effect.

Under COVID-19 the situation is changing quickly state by state. We are updating this resource daily. Please use our state-by-state tracker and contact us at [email protected] if you have new or additional information to offer about youth access to abortion in your region.

Updates by state:

Florida: Florida Supreme Court – COVID-19 Essential and Critical Trial Court Proceedings. Directs all circuit and county courts to continue to perform essential court proceedings. Provides non-exhaustive list of essential court proceedings which does not explicitly include judicial waiver proceedings, but does not prohibit circuit and county courts from including them.
> Broward County. Listing judicial waiver proceedings as mission critical.
> Miami-Dade County. Listing judicial waiver proceedings as mission critical.

Georgia: ORDER DECLARING STATEWIDE JUDICIAL EMERGENCY  To the extent feasible, courts should remain open to address essential functions, and in particular courts should give priority to matters necessary to protect health, safety, and liberty of individuals. Essential functions are subject to interpretation; however, some matters that fall into the essential function category are: (1) where an immediate liberty or safety concern is present requiring the attention of the court as soon as the court is available; (2) criminal court search warrants, arrest warrants, initial appearances, and bond reviews; (3) domestic abuse temporary protective orders and restraining orders; (4) juvenile court delinquency detention hearings and emergency removal matters; and (5) mental health commitment hearings.

Illinois: Illinois Courts Response to COVID-19 Emergency. Essential court matters and proceedings shall continue to be heard by the Illinois courts. If feasible and subject to constitutional limitations, essential matters and proceedings shall be heard remotely via telephone or video or other electronic means. All non-essential court matters and proceedings should be continued or, where possible, conducted remotely via telephone or video or other electronic means.

Indiana: In the Matter of Administrative Rule 17 Emergency Relief for Indiana Trial Courts Relating to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). This order allows each trial court statewide to implement all relevant and necessary portions of its continuity of operations plan (COOP) (such as postponing jury trials, allowing for remote hearings, and keeping only essential staff in courthouses). Order also allows trial courts to petition for emergency relief under Administrative Rule 17 to implement changes including immediate suspension in civil cases of all bench trials and other proceedings, except emergencies or matters deemed essential in the court’s discretion, and subject to the parties’ constitutional rights.
> List of emergency petitions filed by courts

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